Monday, May 14, 2012

The ring

Oh, and Zexy is really handy for choosing an engagement ring. You can see all the major brands to get an idea of the design you want, then you can go to Okachimachi in North East Tokyo, and get one much cheaper. Okachimachi is Tokyo's diamond district. By all means, go to the glamorous boutiques in Ginza and get the super polite "okyakusama" treatment, but don't buy your ring till you've checked the prices in the considerably less gorgeous stores around Okachimachi station (on the Yamanote line). We still got great service, but the carpet was worn, the toilet ancient and the staff all middle-aged. But in the end, you're not going to wear a blue or a red box on your finger.

By all means, check out the pretty boutiques in Ginza...

Then explore the less glamorous shops in Okachimachi for a good deal.

The fashion in Japan (a result of successful marketing) is white diamonds and platinum. You can get yellow gold, it’s just less popular. I thought a white gold ring would be fine – and cheaper than platinum – but it was impossible to find. 

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